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There really is something about holding a book of paper and ink. My ebook collection is growing, but I’ve found getting author signatures on promotional bookmarks isn’t quite as satisfying as having them inside a copy of a book.
Here’s the latest from Publishers Weekly.

E-books Remain Third

Big in business


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Publishers Weekly just shared nominees for Business Book of the Year. There is a big world beyond fiction.
But no matter what you write, check out the book about creativity.

Shortlist Announced for ‘FT,’ McKinsey & Co Business Book of the Year Award

Perfect pitch



Your book is done … or close to done. You want to try traditional publishing, so you’re going to a writer’s conference that features time to pitch to agents (like this one in Madison, Wisconsin). Are you ready?

Here are some things to consider. All eight don’t apply directly to pitching a book. For one thing, you won’t be using a slide show. But several are well worth thinking about.

8 Things You Should Never, Ever Include in a Pitch Deck


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