Begin well

I don’t know if I think these really are the 10 best opening lines, but they are all memorable. Clearly some are so memorable that people know them who haven’t even read the books they come from. What’s your best opening line? Top 10 Best Book Opening Lines | A Writer’s Path.

Artist needs support

Who doesn’t dream about having a book made into a film? Abbie Reese, who describes herself as an independent artist and researcher, is making her film a reality, but she needs some help. She’s been working on a project with the Poor Clare Colettines in Rockford, Illinois, for 10 years. That’s when she began wonderingContinue reading “Artist needs support”

Read the good stuff

I wish I had more time to read. I know I’m a writer because I loved the worlds I found in books. Books that are award-quality generate ideas and demonstrate craft. So these nominees for the Arthur C. Clarke Award are on my “sci-fi to read” list. 2015 Shortlist Announced | Arthur C. Clarke AwardContinue reading “Read the good stuff”