This page will change from time to time. Check back.

Writing aids

AP Stylebook — This is a gold standard for journalists. While I like flipping through the spiral-bound print version, there is a more traditional paperback style and it’s available online. It’s inexpensive and useful for non-fiction writers, since so many places use it as their default stylebook.

Chicago Manual of Style — This is a gold standard for academic writers. If you don’t want to buy it, look for it in a library near you.

Purdue OWL — This resource has great tips on U.S.-style grammar and usage. (There are no Oxford commas here.) It’s free and available 24/7. It is designed for academics, but any writer can use it.

Poynter Institute — For non-fiction writers, this is a great site not just for writing tips, but also for industry chatter and for ideas that might turn into your next book.

The Creative Academy for Writers — A group of Canadian writers has put together an online academy with discussion groups, a 24/7 online writing room, and much more. You can pay what you want, but they are happy to let you take part in its many activities while you explore.

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