Reading Irish

My experience with Irish writers has often been a sense of eavesdropping on someone’s personal conversation. I can’t explain why I feel this way. I just feel a certain raw nerve in what I’ve read.
In any case, I found eavesdropping on this conversation with Anne Enright enlightening. The world view is different from what most of my US-centric writing friends exhibit.

Anne Enright: How the world reads Irish writers

Write until you’re a writer

This Harvard Business Review article is not about writing. It’s meant to help people learn new skills in the workplace. But as I read it, I realized one way it applies to writers is in its advice to mimic the successful behavior of others.
If you want to be a good manager, copy the behavior of the best managers you’ve worked for. If you want to be a good writer, copy the behavior of the best writers you’ve read. And what do they do? They write.

You’re Never Too Experienced to Fake It Till You Learn It – HBR