We must encourage good writing

A co-worker periodically rails against the bad writing she she sees in documents that cross her desk. Then we commiserate about failings in writing education. Here’s an article from the New York Times about efforts to improve writing education.

Why Kids Can’t Write https://nyti.ms/2hn9ibq

Less may be more

Sitting in an In Print writer’s group meeting this afternoon, I heard our speaker Don Gingold of Sprocket Websites talked about marketing. One of the sites he referred to included this article about moderation.

Practicing Moderation with Your Marketing (and Why It Matters) | Social Media Today


Bloody inspiration

Crime writing is a big book category in Britain and here are this year’s Dagger award winners. As always, I like to look to winners for inspiration.

Daggers crime writing awards presented to ‘the best of the best’ | Books | The Guardian.

One more tool

When I was younger, and at times in college, I made attempts to keep a journal. I would put their contents in the category of “warm-up drills.” Some swear by them. Here’s an argument for using one.

The Most Obvious Writing Tool You’re Not Using.