Do the hardest thing first

I mentioned I’ll be doing some traveling soon and I’ve been busy at the day job trying to stockpile some work to have ready before I leave. But that’s meant my personal writing has been shoved to the back burner. I’m feeling a need to reorganize my attitude and this reminded me of some thingsContinue reading “Do the hardest thing first”

Invert the curve

Kurt Vonnegut is endlessly inspirational. This post is about how using data can simplify complex information, but at its heart is a story about storytelling. Be sure to watch the video. To Tell Your Story, Take a Page from Kurt Vonnegut​ – Andrea Ovans – Harvard Business Review

On my way …

I’m leaving for Italy today. It’s such an often-visited country it will be hard to find anything new to write. But I’ve found a couple more tips to keep in mind. From Like any skill, writing takes practice and dedication . Travelling as a writer is very different from travelling as a traveller. YouContinue reading “On my way …”