Brand U

Writing can be solitary work and some of us like the time alone. But when the last draft is done, we need to be able to promote it. Clark and Molinsky offer some suggestions to help reticent people move from “brand x” to “Brand U.”

Self-Promotion for Professionals from Countries Where Bragging Is Bad – Dorie Clark , and Andy Molinsky – Harvard Business Review

Getting it right

I have loved Info Please since I discovered it in high school. Here are links to it and six other online sources for fast facts.

And this isn’t on the list, but it’s been my go-to grammar site for years: the Purdue Online Writing Lab —

7 Great Online Research Resources for Writers

Keep it simple and truthful and …

We sat, legs crossed, around a campfire on a summer night. Surrounded by woods and miles from home, we listened to a story of teens in a car on a country road. We could hear the gravel crunching under the tires as the couple  sped away from the terrifying vagabond. We screamed when we heard about the hook in the door handle.
Here are a few reminders about how to get your hook into your readers. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

The Common Elements of Good Storytelling

Character building, part 2

I was still musing about character traits when I found this and I was taken by the potential conflicts between someone who keeps a bug out bag and someone who practices yoga.

Prompt: Write about the meeting of the yoga character with a bug-out-bag  character.

The Bug Out Bag

Who are you writing for?

When I first heard about writing for a specific “audience,” I really didn’t understand. Since childhood, I’ve read almost whatever lands in front of my eyes — starting with cereal boxes in the morning. But as I began to understand that others didn’t read as I did, I began to understand audience.
This short article is another piece of the audience puzzle.

The Four Levels of Readings Every Student should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning