Oh yes, there is

Strictly speaking, this is old news. But I was reminded of it by P.D. James’ death this week. And it offers a solution to the publishing problem Val McDermid described (in yesterday’s post), so I went looking for it.

BookTrib » Whodunit? These Brash publishers solve the mystery of the great crime thriller



Is there no hope?

Val McDermid, who wrote a tribute to her late “hero” P.D. James this week, also lamented the state of publishing in an interview earlier this year. There is a note of optimism at the end, but it requires more work of writers than polishing the last draft

Val McDermid: I would be a failed novelist if I started out today – Telegraph


Death of an artist

With the death of P.D. James comes the passing of an era of crime writing. Her investigator Adam Dalgliesh was a fully fleshed human being, unlike some other fictional detectives. This is a tribute to a master artist.

Appreciation: How P.D. James changed my reading habits – and my writing – The Globe and Mail