Oh yes, there is

Strictly speaking, this is old news. But I was reminded of it by P.D. James’ death this week. And it offers a solution to the publishing problem Val McDermid described (in yesterday’s post), so I went looking for it. BookTrib » Whodunit? These Brash publishers solve the mystery of the great crime thriller http://booktrib.com/2014/09/whodunit-these-brash-publishers-solve-the-mystery-of-the-great-crime-thriller/#

Is there no hope?

Val McDermid, who wrote a tribute to her late “hero” P.D. James this week, also lamented the state of publishing in an interview earlier this year. There is a note of optimism at the end, but it requires more work of writers than polishing the last draft Val McDermid: I would be a failed novelistContinue reading “Is there no hope?”

Death of an artist

With the death of P.D. James comes the passing of an era of crime writing. Her investigator Adam Dalgliesh was a fully fleshed human being, unlike some other fictional detectives. This is a tribute to a master artist. Appreciation: How P.D. James changed my reading habits – and my writing – The Globe and MailContinue reading “Death of an artist”

Magazine comes back in new guise

Back in high school, one of my English teachers talked about Scribener’s. It was long-dead by then, but it evoked a time when reading stories was a pastime akin to watching television (in one form or another), at least for some. It’s revival as a website speaks both to marketing and the importance of writing.Continue reading “Magazine comes back in new guise”