Lesson from Malala

We are all impressed by the bravery of Malala Yousafzai. Her courageous response to an attempt on her young life, and her wonderful ambition to secure the right to an education for girls and boys around the world are unquestionably admirable. Even her completion of a book, with the aid of British journalist and authorContinue reading “Lesson from Malala”

They want what we’ve got

Entrepreneur magazine is telling business people to do what we do: Tell stories. There are a couple of lessons here. First, writers are business people too. When we try to sell our services as freelancers or book writers, we might borrow some of these techniques in talking about ourselves. Second, who wants to be aContinue reading “They want what we’ve got”

The Most Beautiful Art Based on William Gibson’s Neuromancer

There are a few reasons I’m sharing this post. First, I’ve been a sci-fi geek since I was 12, and Gibson’s Neuromancer is a classic. Second, a writers’ group I belong to is about to begin a project pairing authors with artists to publish a book of verbal and visual art. We can only hopeContinue reading “The Most Beautiful Art Based on William Gibson’s Neuromancer”