Adapt your schedule

If you have a deadline for a project, and time for a book leave, here’s one way to knock out a book in a relatively short time. If you can’t take six weeks off, there are still several tips worth considering for your writing schedule.

Book-Writing Productivity Hacks

Slam dunk

Well, calling a book I haven’t seen a slam dunk may be premature. But I couldn’t resist. I mentioned before that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes children’s books. Now he’s added to the tales of the Holmes family, writing about Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in a book to come out this year. Apparently, he carried the idea in his head for several years, further demonstrating that writers work all the time, not just when they’re sitting at the keyboard.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Publish a Novel About Sherlock Holmes’s Brother Mycroft –

On Memory Lane

Yes, making things up is a big part of writing fiction. But unless you’re writing science fiction or fantasy, there are limits in our universe. Here are some tips for traveling believably through time.

5 Ways to Take Your Readers Back in Time: The Importance of Historical |