Take it from The Bard

Shakespeare has used most of the “basic” plots in one form or another. And plenty of writers have borrowed from his stories and his lines. No reason to stop now. Here are a few examples to spark your imagination. 12 Titles Inspired by Shakespeare Phrases http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=61142

She writes in beauty like the night …

Do you admire particular writers? Do you wish you could write as they do? Have you ever consciously studied what they do? Broken down their technique by the line, the phrase, the word? Here’s a discussion of beautiful writing that could help you make your own study of what others have done well. Consider keepingContinue reading “She writes in beauty like the night …”

Slam dunk

Well, calling a book I haven’t seen a slam dunk may be premature. But I couldn’t resist. I mentioned before that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes children’s books. Now he’s added to the tales of the Holmes family, writing about Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in a book to come out this year. Apparently, he carried the idea inContinue reading “Slam dunk”

On Memory Lane

Yes, making things up is a big part of writing fiction. But unless you’re writing science fiction or fantasy, there are limits in our universe. Here are some tips for traveling believably through time. 5 Ways to Take Your Readers Back in Time: The Importance of Historical ResearchWritersDigest.com | WritersDigest.com http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/guide-to-literary-agents/5-ways-to-take-your-readers-back-in-time-the-importance-of-historical-research?et_mid=713491&rid=245636318

Pets build character

People have pets, even people in fiction. Where would Dorothy be without Toto? Timmy without Lassie? Hermione without Crookshanks? James without Koko and Yum Yum? Before you give your character a pet, consider what that choice might imply about him or her. 8 Things Your Pet Says About Your Personality | TIME http://time.com/3652226/pet-animal-your-personality/