Tools to use

There are some good ideas on this list. I’m not sure they’re all “must-haves,” but I’ve found a couple useful.

#MondayBlogs: 6 Must-Have Tools/Apps For All The Writers And Editors Out There | Shannon A Thompson.

Ideas to spare

Whether you need a blog post or writing prompt, here are 30 ideas you can use to get started when you feel temporarily uninspired or want a break from another project.

30 Inspiring Blog Post Ideas For Writers – Writers Write

‘Done is good’

One of my first editors a had a few catch phrases that were part of his everyday conversation. One he offered frequently was, “Done is good.” It was his reminder to meet deadlines. Jane Morrissey has put together a wonderful little post on finishing the first draft of your book (or poem or play).

Finish Your First Draft: 7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block.

Tips for self-publishing

Do you want to write to make money? Is writing your hobby? Or are you interested in publishing one book, perhaps a memoir to give to family members? If you’ve decided self-publishing is your best option, regardless of your long-term goals, consider these tips from Ryan Lanz.

How to Tell Which Self-Publishing Company is Right For You | A Writer’s Path.

Recall it all

Warren Adler, author of The War of the Roses and other books, continues writing in his 80s. He credits his ability to a daily memory exercise. As I read his essay, it reminded me of Lois Lowry’s The Giver. I suspect it is never too early to make a ritual of remembering.

The Morning Routine That Enables Me to Keep Writing Novels.

Stories of loss and survival

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is not something I think of as a children’s book, but it clearly involves a refugee. But I could concede the point. And with recent UN reports of at least 60 million refugees in the world today, the topic is well worth a few more books. And not just for children. Do any of these inspire you?

Jon Walter’s top 10 refugee heroes in children’s fiction | Children’s books | The Guardian.

Fair use

Just last night, a friend mentioned she was looking for the right song lyrics to end a short piece of fan fiction she’s working on. That brought up the question of fair use of copyrighted material. Here are a few tips. (Disclaimer: To be sure, ask a lawyer.)
Patricia Aufderheide talks about copyright and fair use | CMOS Shop Talk.

Get on stage

Rufus Cadigan mentioned checking around for places to have plays produced. Some less obvious venues were clubs and church groups. He also talked about offering to write historical plays for institutions, such as local history museums, but that could also include community’s celebrating significant anniversaries. Then, there are contests. Here’s a source for a few.

Play Submissions Information: 7 Playwriting Contests and Submissions Websites Every Playwright Should Know.

Playing with plays

On Saturday, I had a chance to learn some tips from Illinois playwright Rufus Cadigan.The mini workshop reminded me how much I like to write plays. It’s fun to tell a story using only dialogue. If you think you need to work on dialogue, try writing a scene or … more. Here are some playwriting basics.

Playwriting 101: How to Write a Play.

From a master

This is a longish read of reflections of and tips from Saul Bellow. There’s always something to learn from a master such as Bellow.

Happy 100th Birthday, Saul Bellow: His Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech on How Literature and Art Ennoble the Human Spirit | Brain Pickings.