Who needs dragons?

This series of amazing photos makes me want to write something with a 13-year-old huntress as the main character. Yes, I’m aware of The Hunger Games, but I’m imagining something with eagles in flight and shamans passing on their lore and adventures on a disappearing frozen tundra. What fire do they spark in your imagination?Continue reading “Who needs dragons?”

Poetry is not taxing

Spoken word artist Christopher Sims of Rockford, Illinois, brought his amazing rhymes to  the In Print writing group meeting Saturday to celebrate April Poetry Month. Prompt: Do a draft of a poem today. Then consider this Atlantic article about teaching poetry. Why Teaching Poetry Is So Important – Atlantic Mobile http://m.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/04/why-teaching-poetry-is-so-important/360346/

Taking a trip

I’ve written a variety of stories, but I’ve not really done much that resembles travel writing. I’ll be doing some at the end of the month, though, so I’m looking  for suggestions. Here’s a start. Five expert tips for getting started in travel writing – Lonely Planet http://www.lonelyplanet.com/north-america/travel-tips-and-articles/77797 If you have any ideas, please shareContinue reading “Taking a trip”