Trolling the trash

Do you keep a notebook? A journal? I don’t remember when I first heard that advice for writers. But I’ve never followed it, at least not randomly. I have always kept project records, but my pattern has never been consistent. What used to be paper in folders is digital notes on computers and discs andContinue reading “Trolling the trash”

From the headlines

Despite occasional lapses, the fake New York Times stories of a few years ago, for example, journalism continues to generate some great non-fiction writing. Here’s a list with some inspiring examples. Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism – Atlantic Mobile

Where do stories come from?

I’ve heard fiction writers say they don’t know where they get their ideas. A friend — Kristen Oakley — just published her first book, a mystery, using her experiences with homeschooling as a starting point. My first full-length play — set in an indeterminate future — grew out of a land use study I readContinue reading “Where do stories come from?”