One treat? Ot two?

As you develop characters, imagine how they might have done on the marshmallow test. What might that mean about them as adults? Are they patient planners or feet-first reactors? How do they interact now with others and with the world around them? The Marshmallow Test for Grownups – Ed Batista – Harvard Business Review

Read and read aloud

No matter how many times you hear it in your head, your work sounds different when you hear the sound of your words. One of my writing groups focuses almost exclusively on the sounds of our efforts. When we read, we hear the too-long sentences, the oft-repeated words, the misplaced modifiers and more. Reading outContinue reading “Read and read aloud”

Details, details

When you’ve finished your writing project, unless your only goal is to finish it, you’ll want to know how to present and protect your work. The vast majority of what I’ve written has been for newspapers, for which I’ve been paid a salary. Stepping into other areas, especially into independent publishing, means learning a raftContinue reading “Details, details”