Set the pace

When freelance editor Lisa Roettger offered tips to writers recently, she said a developmental edit might point out problems with pacing. Here are some ideas from fantasy writer Victoria Grefer about how to fix pacing problems. In Fiction: How Much “Down Time” is Too Much? | Creative Writing with the Crimson League

First consider

With the discovery of a lost Harper Lee manuscript, writers are talking about what to do with a first manuscript. At Writing the Novel, an author panel organized by WNIJ public radio at Northern Illinois University, the topic came up. (Another session is scheduled Feb. 18; check here for details.) While the stories of theContinue reading “First consider”

Take it from Zoë

Zoë Sharp is as another generous British author who was a featured presenter at Love Is Murder in Chicago last weekend. Not only did she take part in panels, she conducted a master class and, at tea time Saturday, she demonstrated self-defense techniques (with the help of Robert Goldsborough, who recovered with a seated massageContinue reading “Take it from Zoë”

Managing time

This isn’t a new post, although it was updated after it appeared originally on the Poynter website. It’s intended for reporters who work on daily deadlines, but there are some gems for any writer who wants to get to the end of any project. Making Friends With A Clock: Time Management for Writers

Plan for your conference

The advice in this essay is good for anyone heading to a writers’ conference. I heard variations on all of these tips from agents and editors again last weekend. But I heard one bit of contradictory advice, too. While it’s true that agents would rather not hear you read your pitch, they understand you mightContinue reading “Plan for your conference”

Set a shorter target

First let me say that going to conferences is great because the panels and conversations really get your mind moving. I love those “light bulb” moments. (And I’ll probably be full of post-conference enthusiasm for at least another week.) Among the things we talked about in a great panel on ebook publishing was using shortContinue reading “Set a shorter target”