Promote yourself

A group of us were discussing pros and cons of releasing material online as promotions. We were thinking about publishing short stories to build interest in novels. Here are some thought about blogging a novel. The idea could apply to any book, I suppose, from memoir to how-to. Blogging Your Novel

Small packages

I’ve said it before. I love science fiction. And, much as I love scifi novels, I think I love short stories more. I used to buy every short story collection as soon as it came out in paperback. If you don’t think you like or could learn anything from scifi, this collection might convince youContinue reading “Small packages”

What a character…

I love finding articles that describe types of people. It’s like finding a character waiting to be dropped into a situation. It may or may not be a main character, but lesser characters need some depth, too. Here’s an example that offers counterposed characters — good boss and bad boss. Could also be good orContinue reading “What a character…”

Indie or traditional?

You’ve thought about it before, but now you’re ready to make the decision. Here are seven questions from Nathan Bransford to consider when it’s time to publish your book. Nathan Bransford, Author: Should you self-publish or traditionally publish? 7 questions to ask yourself

How do you schedule?

How often have you heard, “Write every day. Schedule your writing time”? I love going to the store to buy planners and organizing tools. But I’ve always had trouble using them consistently, at least when it comes to activities outside of work. Work activities seem to schedule themselves. I plan to take this quiz laterContinue reading “How do you schedule?”

Hook me

If your interest is in scriptwriting, rather than book writing, here’s some advice about hooking your viewers. It makes me wonder about writing anything in “five.” Five pages,  five paragraphs, or five sentences. I heard the beginning of a novel recently and I knew in four poetic words that I was in Washington, DC, inContinue reading “Hook me”