‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy

Ever hear a phrase, a proverb, an adage and wonder where it came from? The Phrase Thesaurus, a site on this list of seven resources, will tell you. (Look up the title of this post in the S list.) 7 Writing and Publishing Resources | Savvy Book Writers. http://www.savvybookwriters.com/7-writing-and-publishing-resources/

Don’t lose your chocolate

I don’t know how zen these five steps really are — unless it has to do with the way preparation can make you ready for the moment — but they are good tips. If you’re getting ready for JuNoWriMo, considr them. They could make all the difference. What’s chocolate got to do with it? ClickContinue reading “Don’t lose your chocolate”

“Murder, She Wrote”

This semi-academic discussion about Agatha Christie and her detectives is a brief introduction to the mystery genre. By comparing Christie to her male contemporaries it outlines the broad distinctions between what have come to be called “cozies” and “hard boiled” mystery stories. I like the comparisons to Shakespeare’s plots. And I’ve heard a few peopleContinue reading ““Murder, She Wrote””

More on marketing

One of my favorite people, Terri Reid, writes paranormal mysteries. She’s incredibly generous to aspiring writers, sharing tips she’s learned about successful self-publishing at conferences. Her background is in marketing. Here’s a Forbe’s interview with another self-published author, Mark Dawson, who’s also done quite well with his marketing approach. Of course, it helps to haveContinue reading “More on marketing”

Ideas from Idaho

Every now and then, a visual prompt is just the thing to get me out of a writing slump. These photos of Idaho — yes, Idaho — have already generated some ideas. Pick one and write its 1,000 words. 14 images that prove Idaho might be the most underrated state in America – Matador NetworkContinue reading “Ideas from Idaho”

You can’t mean that!

I remember assigning Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in a composition course for college freshmen. One of the students who read it was aghast at the idea of selling children as food. Somehow she’d missed the satire. It’s tough to pull off good satire in writing, where it shouldn’t be necessary to add cues (wink,Continue reading “You can’t mean that!”