‘A voice of one’s own’

Working in journalism, I’ve learned a lot about writing in the “objective” style of the news. I’ve gotten pretty good at removing myself from stories. So good, in fact, that when I returned to fiction after a long hiatus, I couldn’t remember my own voice, my style. Here’s a nice piece, via Ryan Lanz, that I wish had been around a few years ago.

Finding Your Writing Voice | A Writer’s Path.


Going indie? Consider costs

For anyone considering indie publishing, cost is a question. Here’s anecdotal information from The Write Life by Dana Sitar. My informal conversations with friends confirm the cost ranges in the piece. Some have spent more because, frankly, they wanted books to hold in their hands. Before you take this route, ask yourself what your goals are. Then consider this article the beginning of your research.

How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book? 4 Authors Share Their Numbers.

Learn from rejection

Years ago I interviewed a woman who had an unusual part-time job. I wrote a query to a national magazine — just one — proposing a story. I got a note back that said no thanks this time, but send other story ideas in the future. I felt flattered, but let it go. I’ve never submitted to that publication again. Clearly I made a mistake that, according to poet and editor Kelli Russell Agodon, is typical of women.
Submit Like A Man: How Women Writers Can Become More Successful — Medium.

Going to WaR

I haven’t read this book, How to Read Like a Writer, but I think I’d like to. I belong to a Writers as Readers book club, and we’ve been together for a few years now. We “WaRriors” have been muddling along, mostly on instinct. Each of us picks books to read based on the kinds of things we’re working on. We don’t all like every book, but I think we have managed to learn from each other’s choices. I’m predjudiced, but I think it’s the best book club I’ve ever belonged to.

How to Read Like a Writer | Brain Pickings