Bloody inspiration

Crime writing is a big book category in Britain and here are this year’s Dagger award winners. As always, I like to look to winners for inspiration. Daggers crime writing awards presented to ‘the best of the best’ | Books | The Guardian.

Some awards are not worth winning

At work, we just got the annual contest entry invitation from one of the journalism associations to which we belong. The first professional award I ever earned came from this group. While awards are nice, some are nicer than others. This post warns you about “awards profiteers.” One warning is about costs, but even theContinue reading “Some awards are not worth winning”

Read the good stuff

I wish I had more time to read. I know I’m a writer because I loved the worlds I found in books. Books that are award-quality generate ideas and demonstrate craft. So these nominees for the Arthur C. Clarke Award are on my “sci-fi to read” list. 2015 Shortlist Announced | Arthur C. Clarke AwardContinue reading “Read the good stuff”

ALA award winners

As a library fan, I like to know what books librarians are honoring. As a writer, I’m curious about what they’re buying. This is a list that tells me. (It is a list of books for kids, but I still read them.) Small But Mighty Presses Prevail at ALA Awards