Reading people

Are your characters good at knowing what other people are thinking? Here are some traits that can be endearing in your heroes, eerie in your bad guys. How to Be Emotionally Intelligent –

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Yesterday, I had lunch with some writer friends. When we meet, we always have a writing agenda and yesterday we were talking about character development. In the course of the discussion, we also talked about writers who do that well. I’ve made a note to read a couple of books by Maeve Binchy and anContinue reading “Read more”

Building character

I like to find less common sources of character-building inspiration. This post from Writer Unboxed provides several. Read one, pick a trait and use it as a writing prompt when you feel stuck on a character. Writer Unboxed » The Science of Creating Authentic Characters

Pets build character

People have pets, even people in fiction. Where would Dorothy be without Toto? Timmy without Lassie? Hermione without Crookshanks? James without Koko and Yum Yum? Before you give your character a pet, consider what that choice might imply about him or her. 8 Things Your Pet Says About Your Personality | TIME

Character traits

When a story is character driven, characters need to be well enough developed to move things along. Presence or absence of behaviors from this list could make for some interesting people. Get to know one of your characters better by writing about how doing one of these things might change her or him. 7 ThingsContinue reading “Character traits”

Not so lonely

Combating loneliness can be difficult. One Japanese woman fights it by populating her village with dolls. What else might such a character do? What other quirks might a lonely character develop? Creepy might not be the best word to describe the woman’s pastime — but it does make an attention grabbing headline. But you couldContinue reading “Not so lonely”