‘Build a platform’

At writing conferences, “build a platform” is almost a mantra. Here is some basic advice about how to build your own. Build a Successful Writer’s Platform http://www.everywritersresource.com/build-successful-writers-platform/ And speaking of conferences, the 26th Madison (Wisconsin) Writers’ Institute starts tomorrow. If you’re close enough, you can register in the morning. Check details at https://uwwritersinstitute.wisc.edu/. It’s aContinue reading “‘Build a platform’”

Take it from Zoë

Zoë Sharp is as another generous British author who was a featured presenter at Love Is Murder in Chicago last weekend. Not only did she take part in panels, she conducted a master class and, at tea time Saturday, she demonstrated self-defense techniques (with the help of Robert Goldsborough, who recovered with a seated massageContinue reading “Take it from Zoë”

Plan for your conference

The advice in this essay is good for anyone heading to a writers’ conference. I heard variations on all of these tips from agents and editors again last weekend. But I heard one bit of contradictory advice, too. While it’s true that agents would rather not hear you read your pitch, they understand you mightContinue reading “Plan for your conference”