Set the pace

When freelance editor Lisa Roettger offered tips to writers recently, she said a developmental edit might point out problems with pacing. Here are some ideas from fantasy writer Victoria Grefer about how to fix pacing problems. In Fiction: How Much “Down Time” is Too Much? | Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Read and read aloud

No matter how many times you hear it in your head, your work sounds different when you hear the sound of your words. One of my writing groups focuses almost exclusively on the sounds of our efforts. When we read, we hear the too-long sentences, the oft-repeated words, the misplaced modifiers and more. Reading outContinue reading “Read and read aloud”

Everyone needs an editor

If you are done with your book, it’s time for an editor. Whether you publish traditionally or independently, you’ll want someone with fresh eyes to take a close look at your work. One thing you’ll want is someone who respects your voice, but who can still find problems you may have missed. Here are someContinue reading “Everyone needs an editor”

You pick the verb

When I finished my master’s thesis and showed it to my advisor, the first thing he did was mention that my opening sentence was in passive voice. I told him I knew it. I said I started the sentence with the piece I wanted to emphasize. I’ve encouraged journalists to avoid passive constructions by tellingContinue reading “You pick the verb”