The Most Beautiful Art Based on William Gibson’s Neuromancer

There are a few reasons I’m sharing this post. First, I’ve been a sci-fi geek since I was 12, and Gibson’s Neuromancer is a classic. Second, a writers’ group I belong to is about to begin a project pairing authors with artists to publish a book of verbal and visual art. We can only hopeContinue reading “The Most Beautiful Art Based on William Gibson’s Neuromancer”

How would your characters answer these questions?

Intended to help employers find the kinds of people they want to hire, these questions could be handy to unlock the personalities of your fictional characters. You might even consider using some in interviews for non-fiction. Develop some “signature” questions akin to Barbara Walter’s old “What kind of tree are you?” 25 Wacky Interview QuestionsContinue reading “How would your characters answer these questions?”