Remove the fat

This post from econsultancy is about writing copy for websites, but the advice is good for most writers. We’ve long since moved beyond the complex, compound sentences of the 19th century. But many of us could still pare words from sentences. These tips show how.

Nine surprisingly lengthy tips for cutting and editing your copy | Econsultancy

First consider

With the discovery of a lost Harper Lee manuscript, writers are talking about what to do with a first manuscript. At Writing the Novel, an author panel organized by WNIJ public radio at Northern Illinois University, the topic came up. (Another session is scheduled Feb. 18; check here for details.) While the stories of the three panelists varied, none said his or her first novel fell from their fingertips to publication without some bumps — and some work — in the road. Anne R. Allen offers some advice about what to do with first novels in this blog post.

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Should You “Send Out” that First Novel? 9 Things to Consider First

Learning to edit

This wasn’t exactly my path to editing, but I certainly shared the reading — a lot — step. I didn’t focus on quality reading. But reading badly written material can be educational, too. If you’re looking for an editor, you might want to ask how many of the steps he or she took.

How I Became an Editor (and Advice If You Want to Be One Too) – Next Step Editing