Get in the habits

Seven seems to a magic number when it comes to habits, at least since Steven R. Covey started writing books about the habits of the successful. Here’s a take on seven tips for writers.

7 Habits to Become a Successful Writer

Take 30

Characters always need something to do. Here are six ideas for things you might have a character do that lead right into interesting plot twists.
For example, what happens to the grandmother who decides to try to save $1,000 a month? What challenges does she face? Can she succeed on a limited income? What happens if she makes it? Or if she doesn’t?
(And on a more prosaic note, if you’re thinking about NaNoWriMo and you don’t write every day, now might be a good time for your 30-day warm-up challenge.)

Six 30-Day Challenges to Help You Learn More and Form Lasting Habits