Which route?

I had dinner with some outstanding high school journalists last night. One of the graduating seniors plans to study creative writing in college. We talked briefly about indie versus traditional publishing. This is more background for her (and the rest of us) to consider. Pros And Cons Of Being An Indie Author | The CreativeContinue reading “Which route?”

Just smashing

Self-publishing used to be called “vanity press” because some people who couldn’t interest a traditional publisher were thought to be feeding their egos by paying to have their books printed. It’s still true that some people rush forward without editing or rewrites, but, more and more, independent authors do take care to put out theirContinue reading “Just smashing”

Indie or traditional?

You’ve thought about it before, but now you’re ready to make the decision. Here are seven questions from Nathan Bransford to consider when it’s time to publish your book. Nathan Bransford, Author: Should you self-publish or traditionally publish? 7 questions to ask yourself http://blog.nathanbransford.com/2015/03/should-you-self-publish-or.html?m=1