Bloody inspiration

Crime writing is a big book category in Britain and here are this year’s Dagger award winners. As always, I like to look to winners for inspiration. Daggers crime writing awards presented to ‘the best of the best’ | Books | The Guardian.

‘Done is good’

One of my first editors a had a few catch phrases that were part of his everyday conversation. One he offered frequently was, “Done is good.” It was his reminder to meet deadlines. Jane Morrissey has put together a wonderful little post on finishing the first draft of your book (or poem or play). FinishContinue reading “‘Done is good’”

From a master

This is a longish read of reflections of and tips from Saul Bellow. There’s always something to learn from a master such as Bellow. Happy 100th Birthday, Saul Bellow: His Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech on How Literature and Art Ennoble the Human Spirit | Brain Pickings.

Tales (more than) twice told

If there are only a few basic plots to work from, retelling old stories would seem inevitable. Here’s an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of borrowing not just plots, but whole stories, cast and all. Mythcreants » Five Rules for Retelling Old Stories.

Get inside characters

A friend of mine told me about The Emotion Thesaurus a few weeks ago. I bought it immediately. My favorite parts are the physical descriptions of emotional responses. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve been clicking through it (I bought the ebook) and I know it’s going to come in handy. Sarah Winter: WritingContinue reading “Get inside characters”