Authentic vs. pedantic

I’m working on a story set in the 1840s and I want the setting to be authentic. I’ve been thinking about how to do that without sounding like a history book. This post considers the same question. How much backstory is too much? (You may need to scroll past a bunch of menu items toContinue reading “Authentic vs. pedantic”

Read the good stuff

I wish I had more time to read. I know I’m a writer because I loved the worlds I found in books. Books that are award-quality generate ideas and demonstrate craft. So these nominees for the Arthur C. Clarke Award are on my “sci-fi to read” list. 2015 Shortlist Announced | Arthur C. Clarke AwardContinue reading “Read the good stuff”

Should I really be writing?

Ever wake up and wonder if you’re really a writer? Do you think it’s time to forget this crazy dream and just get on with your day job? Before you decide, ask yourself what your real passion is. Two Ways to Clarify Your Professional Passions – HBR

Doubt less

Feeling like you’re just imagining you’re a writer? That you have no talent? And clearly lack a grip on reality? Bryan Hutcinson has felt all that. He found the inspiration to move beyond “Writer’s Doubt” from Joss Whedon. What Joss Whedon Can Teach You About Writing (The Avengers Writer) | Positive Writer

Building character

I like to find less common sources of character-building inspiration. This post from Writer Unboxed provides several. Read one, pick a trait and use it as a writing prompt when you feel stuck on a character. Writer Unboxed » The Science of Creating Authentic Characters


As I told some friends earlier today, I’m going to miss Leonard Nimoy. I remember being inspired to write one of my first science fiction stories because I liked Spock on Star Trek. I’m glad he, Nimoy, was able to live long and prosper. Here’s an interview with him. Leonard Nimoy: What I’ve Learned

Varied learning

Adding both authors and genres we don’t ordinarily read is a great way to learn as writers. I found Sunili Govinnage’s article from The Guardian intriguing. I read only non-white authors for 12 months. What I learned surprised me | Sunili Govinnage | Comment is free | The Guardian For another list of blackContinue reading “Varied learning”