Less may be more

Sitting in an In Print writer’s group meeting this afternoon, I heard our speaker Don Gingold of Sprocket Websites talked about marketing. One of the sites he referred to included this article about moderation.

Practicing Moderation with Your Marketing (and Why It Matters) | Social Media Today



More on marketing

One of my favorite people, Terri Reid, writes paranormal mysteries. She’s incredibly generous to aspiring writers, sharing tips she’s learned about successful self-publishing at conferences. Her background is in marketing. Here’s a Forbe’s interview with another self-published author, Mark Dawson, who’s also done quite well with his marketing approach. Of course, it helps to have stories worth reading, too.

How This Self-Published Author Made $450,000: Part 2 – Forbes.

To market, to market

Over the last few years, I’ve met several authors who have been marketing their books. Most are independent. Some have hybrid contracts with publishing houses, and a few have traditional contracts. But I wouldn’t have met most of them if they hadn’t traveled to a book store or author fair or conference to talk about their books. Knowing something about marketing is critical these days. Here are four tips to consider.

4 Tactics To Create Brand Loyalty Through Relationship Marketing.

Sell it

At nearly every session with the editors and agents at Love Is Murder*, somebody said, “This is business.” Well, it’s business if you want to make money from your writing. If you do, you may be able to use some of these tips when you market yourself and your work.

A Glimpse Behind the Cogs of a Strategic Marketing Plan | Eliza Koch | LinkedIn

*mystery writers conference in Chicago