Less may be more

Sitting in an In Print writer’s group meeting this afternoon, I heard our speaker Don Gingold of Sprocket Websites talked about marketing. One of the sites he referred to included this article about moderation. Practicing Moderation with Your Marketing (and Why It Matters) | Social Media Today http://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/practicing-moderation-your-marketing-and-why-it-matters

What’s your process?

Today I found Monica Leonelle’s post about her writing experiment. She kept track of her writing and figured out when she was really working. Then she used what she learned to increase her productivity. I think I know my process, but this might help you figure yours out. And improve it. The Three Biggest SurprisesContinue reading “What’s your process?”

Home can work

For years, I’ve wanted an office away from home, more than just a “room of one’s own” to work on my “extracurricular” writing projects. It hasn’t been an option, so I’ve done what I can from the house. Here are a few good tips to make working at home work. (Noise cancelling headphones, hmm…) GetContinue reading “Home can work”

Do it daily

Keeping at it — writing every day — is a challenge many face. Even the greats, John Steinbeck, for example, face it. For a glimpse into Steinbeck’s routine and the doubts he overcame, here is a synopsis of Working Days, his journal of The Grapes of Wrath. Then write. And repeat. Working Days: John Steinbeck,Continue reading “Do it daily”

Spring forward

At the beginning of last year, I spent a lot of time looking for scheduling and productivity tips. But, if you’re like me, disorganization happens and there comes a time to reboot. Here’s a nice rebooting idea for spring. (Really, it’s coming.) Tomatoes, the 90/20 Rule, & Pseudo-Work — Medium https://medium.com/@jrdnbwmn/tomatoes-the-90-20-rule-pseudo-work-5337e63612a1