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Yesterday, I had lunch with some writer friends. When we meet, we always have a writing agenda and yesterday we were talking about character development. In the course of the discussion, we also talked about writers who do that well. I’ve made a note to read a couple of books by Maeve Binchy and anContinue reading “Read more”

Grow a new audience

Late last spring, I ran across the First Book project to generate more diversity in children’s books. The project also works to get books into the hands of needy children in North America. As writers, I think we all understand the need to encourage new generations of readers. And if you’re thinking about ways toContinue reading “Grow a new audience”

Give in to the urge

You may have seen the question on your Facebook feed. I did, and I ignored it. But I found it hard to ignore the results when they started popping up. The question FB posed was about books that influenced people. The collective answer had a lot of children’s and YA novels. I know these kindsContinue reading “Give in to the urge”

Christmas Messages

Emily could feel the package slipping from her grasp. NO, she thought. I’ll never be able to pick it up if I drop it. But she could gain no purchase on the box, not without dropping one of the other four she was carrying. She bobbled, trying to balance it, but just as she feltContinue reading “Christmas Messages”