Open stats

While I like the idea of another online home for short fiction (another is The Write City Magazine), I don’t think I like having the analytics out there for the world to see. How about you? The new platform luring readers into short fiction | Books | The Guardian.

Small packages

I’ve said it before. I love science fiction. And, much as I love scifi novels, I think I love short stories more. I used to buy every short story collection as soon as it came out in paperback. If you don’t think you like or could learn anything from scifi, this collection might convince youContinue reading “Small packages”

Set a shorter target

First let me say that going to conferences is great because the panels and conversations really get your mind moving. I love those “light bulb” moments. (And I’ll probably be full of post-conference enthusiasm for at least another week.) Among the things we talked about in a great panel on ebook publishing was using shortContinue reading “Set a shorter target”