Joy in Solitude

A friend of mine, Abbie Reese, is finishing a portion of a nearly decade-long project with some cloistered nuns who live in Rockford, Illinois, a small industrial city in America’s heartland.
She’s already created an art exhibit featuring photos accompanied by audio of the nuns commentary.
Her book, Dedicated to God, was published by Oxford University Press earlier this year.
Now she’s launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign so she can have the video edited into a feature length film, Chosen (Custody of the Eyes).
Her work is interesting on its face, since so few people get to move behind the walls of the cloister. But she’s also combined a variety of techniques to tell the story of the Poor Clare Colettines.
Her video, which is both introduction to her project and request for help, differs from yesterday’s, which was more pure-storytelling.
How might you borrow some of Abbie’s methods to develop your stories? And to market them?


Not so lonely

Combating loneliness can be difficult. One Japanese woman fights it by populating her village with dolls. What else might such a character do? What other quirks might a lonely character develop?
Creepy might not be the best word to describe the woman’s pastime — but it does make an attention grabbing headline. But you could easily skip the introductory text. It’s melodramtic. Go straight to the video for your inspiration.
In addition to letting the images inspire you, think about the role of video in both your storytelling and your marketing. How might you use it?

Why This Japanese Village Is Full of Creepy Dolls