Beauty and the brain

Where do ideas come from? This book, published after the author died of brain cancer, tries to figure that out scientifically. While not, strictly speaking, about writing, this review is well done with animated illustrations. It’s a thought-provoking long read. Leonardo’s Brain: What a Posthumous Brain Scan Six Centuries Later Reveals about the Source ofContinue reading “Beauty and the brain”

Research tip

I’ve used Google alerts at work for a long time, but never thought about using them for my other writing. And I just heard about Google Scholar. I’m setting up a couple alerts today. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Must Know Google Scholar Tip for Researchers and Educators

Grow a new audience

Late last spring, I ran across the First Book project to generate more diversity in children’s books. The project also works to get books into the hands of needy children in North America. As writers, I think we all understand the need to encourage new generations of readers. And if you’re thinking about ways toContinue reading “Grow a new audience”

Character traits

When a story is character driven, characters need to be well enough developed to move things along. Presence or absence of behaviors from this list could make for some interesting people. Get to know one of your characters better by writing about how doing one of these things might change her or him. 7 ThingsContinue reading “Character traits”