Get on stage

Rufus Cadigan mentioned checking around for places to have plays produced. Some less obvious venues were clubs and church groups. He also talked about offering to write historical plays for institutions, such as local history museums, but that could also include community’s celebrating significant anniversaries. Then, there are contests. Here’s a source for a few.Continue reading “Get on stage”

Playing with plays

On Saturday, I had a chance to learn some tips from Illinois playwright Rufus Cadigan.The mini workshop reminded me how much I like to write plays. It’s fun to tell a story using only dialogue. If you think you need to work on dialogue, try writing a scene or … more. Here are some playwritingContinue reading “Playing with plays”

From a master

This is a longish read of reflections of and tips from Saul Bellow. There’s always something to learn from a master such as Bellow. Happy 100th Birthday, Saul Bellow: His Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech on How Literature and Art Ennoble the Human Spirit | Brain Pickings.

Some awards are not worth winning

At work, we just got the annual contest entry invitation from one of the journalism associations to which we belong. The first professional award I ever earned came from this group. While awards are nice, some are nicer than others. This post warns you about “awards profiteers.” One warning is about costs, but even theContinue reading “Some awards are not worth winning”

Developing big casts

Here are some suggestions for handling a “cast of thousands.” Don’t introduce them all at once is the first piece of advice. This article doesn’t get into it, but you should probably consider whether you need them all, too.There’s a link to a previous post addressing that question inside “5 Tips.” 5 Tips For WritingContinue reading “Developing big casts”