Design your career space

At first glance, this article seems to have nothing to do with writing. But that’s not true. First, it’s a nicely written piece for a speciality market, the sort of thing any writer who wants to make money could put together. But second, it’s full of great business tips. Substitute editor (or sometimes agent) forContinue reading “Design your career space”

New YA prize list nominees

Here’s a list of nominees for a new YA book prize. One must be a resident of the UK or Ireland to be entered, so not all English-language writers qualify. But I think there is always something to be gleaned from nominated books. How, I wonder, do they stack up from a kids’ — albeitContinue reading “New YA prize list nominees”

2014 favorites

Book Riot’s list of 2014 “best books” is full of favorites? It’s got fiction, funny and fact. There’s a little of everything, really. And it presents another opportunity to look at the current book market. How does your work compare? Riot Round-Up: The Best Books of 2014 – BOOK RIOT

Oh yes, there is

Strictly speaking, this is old news. But I was reminded of it by P.D. James’ death this week. And it offers a solution to the publishing problem Val McDermid described (in yesterday’s post), so I went looking for it. BookTrib » Whodunit? These Brash publishers solve the mystery of the great crime thriller

Is there no hope?

Val McDermid, who wrote a tribute to her late “hero” P.D. James this week, also lamented the state of publishing in an interview earlier this year. There is a note of optimism at the end, but it requires more work of writers than polishing the last draft Val McDermid: I would be a failed novelistContinue reading “Is there no hope?”