Would you hire this character?

If a character doesn’t feel quite right, here are some questions you might consider. They are meant to help people on job interviews. Think of your character as your potential employee and of yourself as the boss. How would you answer? 8 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask During Job Interviews | Inc.com. http://www.inc.com/jerome-ternynck/8-questions-every-candidate-should-ask-during-job-interviews.html?cid=ps002ros

‘She just doesn’t get me!’

What happens when someone who really understands people has to deal with someone who doesn’t? This article is about working with people who have low “emotional intelligence.” But it also describes some of their traits and those of high “EQ” folks, all of which can be used in character develpment. How to Work with PeopleContinue reading “‘She just doesn’t get me!’”

What a character…

I love finding articles that describe types of people. It’s like finding a character waiting to be dropped into a situation. It may or may not be a main character, but lesser characters need some depth, too. Here’s an example that offers counterposed characters — good boss and bad boss. Could also be good orContinue reading “What a character…”