But these are

Yesterday I mentioned that some awards aren’t worth winning, but these are. The Nebulas are among the top honors for science fiction and fantasy. The winners were announced last weekend in Chicago.

Nebula Award Winners Announced – SFWA.

Scifi for me, please

If you asked me, I’d have to admit to wanting my scifi free of fantasy elements. Can’t help it. While I don’t mind dragons in movies, I’m not so willing to read about them. I want my “Ship who Sang.” You can have those “dragons of Perth.” This post explains the differences, the fusions, and their futures well.
Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction? – Charlie’s Diary.

Imagine something new

Tropes came up in conversation during a TV show we were watching last night. I’ve generally thought of them as something to avoid or twist. This essay describes a trope that has been common — but is changing — in fantasy. It’s a trope writers of any genre could help to change.

Move over HP Lovecraft, black fantasy writers are coming through | Books | The Guardian