Scifi for me, please

If you asked me, I’d have to admit to wanting my scifi free of fantasy elements. Can’t help it. While I don’t mind dragons in movies, I’m not so willing to read about them. I want my “Ship who Sang.” You can have those “dragons of Perth.” This post explains the differences, the fusions, and their futures well.
Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction? – Charlie’s Diary.


One thought on “Scifi for me, please

  1. For me, I LOVE genre mash-ups. I can understand the “purist” (for lack of a better word) way of thinking; we read books of certain genres because they contain common elements and tropes that we find thrilling. But personally, I think that when you blend two genres, not only are you giving yourself a lot more room to write (you don’t have to write in the conventions of single structure) but you also can do a lot more fun stuff that way.

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