‘She just doesn’t get me!’

What happens when someone who really understands people has to deal with someone who doesn’t? This article is about working with people who have low “emotional intelligence.” But it also describes some of their traits and those of high “EQ” folks, all of which can be used in character develpment. How to Work with PeopleContinue reading “‘She just doesn’t get me!’”

Authentic vs. pedantic

I’m working on a story set in the 1840s and I want the setting to be authentic. I’ve been thinking about how to do that without sounding like a history book. This post considers the same question. How much backstory is too much? (You may need to scroll past a bunch of menu items toContinue reading “Authentic vs. pedantic”

Research tip

I’ve used Google alerts at work for a long time, but never thought about using them for my other writing. And I just heard about Google Scholar. I’m setting up a couple alerts today. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Must Know Google Scholar Tip for Researchers and Educators http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2014/11/a-must-know-google-scholar-tip-for.html?m=1

What else is out there?

No matter what you write, research is important. But beyond knowing background about the people, places and things of your story, it’s good to be able to know what has already been written about your subject. Just how many histories of crocheting already exist? What else has been written about sparkling vampires or robotic lawmen?Continue reading “What else is out there?”