Reading women’s words 10 + 3

Here are three from me and ten from Julia Bell for a baker’s dozen options if, as she says happens, you haven’t read much by women. Mine aren’t as literary as hers, but each is imaginative and fun to read.
Sara Paretsky: Anything in her V.I. Warshawski series offers a gritty look at Chicago and environs from the perspective of a hard-nosed PI who loves opera. Breakdown isn’t the first, but if you only have time for one, this is a good one.
Anne McCaffrey: The Ship Who Sang is spaceship scifi with a twist, and the first in her “Ship” collection.
Laurie R. King: Sherlock Holmes is enjoying a revival in several visual formats (all good), but King gave the great detective a female partner — Mary Russell — long before Joan Watson walked into a grimy New York townhouse in Elementary. Start with The Beekeepers Apprentice and go from there.

And then there are hers:

writers’ hub – Ten Books by Women that Everyone Should Read – Julia Bell


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